Sinking of Tanker Fully Loaded With Oil Products – Salvage & Heavy Pollution

Case Details

Instruction Date : 2017

Incident Location : Piraeus Anchorage Area

Salvage / Antipollution Contractors : Spanopoulos / EPE

Salvage Works Duration : ≈ 3 months (incl. refloating)

Antipollution Works Duration : ≈ 9 months

Claims Handling Work : Ongoing 

General Notes / MMC Involvement

As a result of the sinking, approximately 2,500 MT of oil products were lost at sea and 25km of coastline was variously polluted. Antipollution and salvage teams mobilized included more than 50 crafts (skimmer vessels, tugs, floating cranes, antipollution crafts etc.) and in excess of 600 personnel

MMC liaised with ITOPF and various local Authorities, monitored on a daily basis all antipollution and salvage activities for the duration of the project and reported directly to P&I Insurers and the International Pollution Compensation Fund (IOPC). Field surveyors monitored the salvage works at the wreck site, subsequent refloating operations and towage to drydock. Field surveyors monitored all coastline antipollution works on a variety of terrains (sandy beaches, rocky shores, man-made structures etc.). Detailed daily reports and sitreps were produced for the whole 9-month period. Technical investigation regarding the cause of pollution and sinking. Liaising with local authorities, municipalities and organizations as well as the HCMR (Hellenic Center of Marine Research) regarding the long-term oil spill effects and necessary actions. Attending weekly meetings/casualty workshops at the Hellenic Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy

Claims handing works are still ongoing together with ITOPF and IOPC experts, assessing over 200 individual claims. Claims are subcategorized to include antipollution, salvage, aquaculture / fisheries sector, property damage (including yachts and marinas) and the tourism sector. 

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