Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Testing Equipment

Sherlog SDT Ultrasonic Equipment used for Hatch Covers testing. SDT Receiver properly calibrated. Full set of supporting equipment and spare batteries and sensors. Our surveyors are Certified Operators. SDT Ultrasound Operators Licenses available upon request. 

Cargo Thermometers / Hygrometers / Moisture Meters

Wide range of cargo thermometers / hygrometers and moisture meters used primarily for bulk cargoes (grains etc.) and final food consumer products. Wide selection of temperature and humidity probes and sensors. Equipment properly calibrated with Certificates available upon request.

Sampling & Sealing Kits / Bunkers & Liquid Cargoes

Bunker / liquid cargo all-inclusive sampling kit. Heavy fuel oil sampler available. Wide selection of sampling bottles (glass and plastic) and seals (including lead and plastic seals). Sounding tapes and water finding paste also available.

Sampling & Sealing Kits Bulk Cargo

Bulk cargo all-inclusive sampling kit. Wide selection of sampling bags and seals (including lead and plastic seals).

Silver & Nitrate Solution Testing Kit

Silver nitrate solution testing kit. Standardized test for detecting the presence of chloride ions.   c(AgNO₃) = 0.1 mol/l (0.1 N) 


Engineers' Inspection Kit

Engineers kit with basic tools and inspection equipment including meters, calibers, thickness gauges, micrometers, infrared laser thermometers, magnifying inspection mirrors etc.  

Surveyor's Personal Protection Equipment

Personal protective equipment including boiler suits, safety shoes, helmets, gloves, masks, googles, disposable air masks and lifejackets. Oxygen analyzer/meter for enclosed space entry also available.   


Remotely operated drone making flights and video recordings while on the go. Durable, easy to control, can send photos and videos in HD format, and record them directly on a smartphone or other memory device. Ideal to use for scanning of the sea surface during oil pollution cases, damages not easily accessible and generally surveys which require birds-eye views.

Intrinsically Safe ATEX Zone Camera

The perfect visualization tool for use in hazardous areas (IP65). Ideal for taking photos onboard oil, chemical tankers, LNG, LPG vessels, drilling platforms and Oil & Gas Terminal installations. 

Apart from the above we can readily subcontract the following

Hull Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging

Yacht Osmosis Testing

3D Scanning of hull structure / deformation analysis

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