GA surveys for two container vessels following groundings


Case Details

Instruction Date : 2010

Incidents Locations : Tartous Roads, Syria / Lattakia Roads, Syria

Salvage Contractors : Svitzer Salvage B.V. (now Ardent) / ETD & 5Oceans Salvage

Salvage Works Duration : ≈ 1.5 months / ≈ 1 month

Repair Works Duration : ≈  3 months / ≈ 4months

General Notes / MMC Involvement

Two vessels, a 15,300 MT Deadweight Container vessel and a 23,000 DWT Container vessel both grounded, one at Tartous Roads and one at Lattakia Roads in Syria. Following salvage, both vessels were towed and carried out repairs at DESAN Shipyard, Tuzla in Turkey. Extensive repairs took place in way of the vessels hulls, main engines, propellers, aft stern tube bearings and rudder assemblies. The steel renewals alone for one vessel were calculated in excess of 550 MT and 400 MT for the second.   

MMC was appointed by the Average Adjusters handling the case in order to act as GA Surveyors in both cases. Our task was to identify the extent of damages, follow up the repairs, distinguish between damages sustained due to the grounding incident and damages sustained during efforts to refloat the vessel and to report on the repairs carried out. Following various attendances during repairs, reviewing of all shipyard accounts and circumstances of the incidents, two reports were drafted with the allocation of PA and GA damages and repair accounts.

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