Collision between two bulk carrier vessels


Case Details

Instruction Date : 2013

Incident Location : Kafireas Strait, Greece

Salvage / Antipollution Contractors : SMIT Salvage – MEGATUGS / Tsavliris Salvage

Salvage Works Duration : ≈ 1 month

Repair Works Duration : ≈ 7 months

General Notes / MMC Involvement

Collision of a 28,700 DWT bulk carrier with a 16,200 DWT bulk carrier. The bow of one vessel penetrated in way of cargo hold no. 5 of the other vessel causing various structural and cargo damages to both vessels. The two vessels remained locked together and were towed for a short distance. Following successful disengagement by Salvors, both vessels were towed to safe anchoring locations where they discharged/transshipped their cargoes and then proceeded for structural repairs. One vessel was fully loaded with a cargo of “Raw Cane Sugar” in bulk and the other was fully loaded with a cargo of “DRI (HBI)” (Hot Briquetted Iron). Water had penetrated inside a number of cargo holds and saturated both cargoes.

MMC acted as the P&I surveyors representing one of the two vessels. Carried out joint surveys and monitored all salvage, cargo discharging/transshipment operations, and repairs for both vessels at two different shipyards. At the initial stages of the operation, we liaised with the Salvors, discussing salvage actions and towage approval. Close cooperation with appointed Salvage Masters. We liaised with appointed cargo experts (Brookes Bell), and opposing surveyors for both cargo damages and assisted in sorting the sound and affected cargoes. Joint cargo sampling was carried out at all stages of the cargo operations. Research for salvage sale opportunities of damaged cargo. Reviewing of transshipment plans and relevant costs associated with cargo handling. Monitoring extensive steelwork and various repairs on deck equipment and hatch cover panels for both vessels. Reviewing all shipyard repair accounts and associated costs. 

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