Damage to Port & Stbd M/Es – Catastrophic damage to crankshaft


Case Details

Instruction Date : 2016

Incident Location : Port of Limassol, Cyprus

Repair Works Duration :

M/E Type : MAK, type 8M552 C, 4‐stroke, 8 cylinders in‐line,   turbocharged diesel engines

General Notes / MMC Involvement

The 19,000 GT Ro-Ro Cargo vessel suffered damages to both the port and starboard M/Es on two different occasions (2 days apart). In both incidents, the Oil Mist Detectors were activated and the M/Es were manually stopped by the Chief Engineer. Following dismantling of both M/Es, it was discovered that crankpins and crankpin bearings of a number of cylinders were variously affected. The vessel was towed to Greece, discharged her cargo and was placed in a floating dock at Elefsis Shipyards. 

MMC acted as H&M Underwriters surveyors for both incidents. We carried out various surveys for the extent of damage suffered and subsequent necessary repairs. Attended during various non-destructive testing (NDT) and monitored shipowners’ efforts to mitigate the loss. We liaised with local and international workshops employed and followed the repairs which included in-situ annealing and local machining of crankpins. An investigation was carried out with respect to the cause of damage including an in-depth review of the maintenance history/records and relevant service manuals/bulletins of the subject engines.

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